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Business Consulting


Business Consulting

We put your interests first. We are committed to know our clients, learn their business an goals so that we can actively guide them and help them make informed decisions and achieve their goals. Our Business Specialists will work along with you conducting a detailed analysis of your business, financial reports, financial processes, tax implications and risks. Our Business Consultants will help you design your business and financial plans and implement them. We emphasize on a client-centric approach and provide end to-end support to help you meet your accounting and business goals. We provide various Business Consulting services whether you are setting up a new business, buying a new business, selling a business, help you with your succession planning, cashflow projections, business valuations, regulatory compliance, internal audit, process improvement or corporate controllership.


Regulatory Complaince

Proactive and effective regulatory compliance is critical for maintaining a legal and ethical standing in today’s complex business environment. We ensure that our clients’ and their businesses operate profitably and responsibly, protecting stakeholders and complying with regulatory standards and guidelines. We help you understand your legal obligation and ethical responsibility and minimize operational, financial and reputational risks associated with non- compliance. Our team of experts are well-versed with various regulations, help you develop certain financial processes, conduct regular monitoring and prepare reporting.


Internal Audit

For a successful and profitable business, it is important to maintain accurate and proper record keeping. We help our clients to conduct a systematic and independent examination of their financial record keeping, financial processes, controls, transactions and reporting by our internal audit team to help your financial operations are conducted accurately, efficiently and in compliance with Canadian laws. Our team will help you with planning, collecting and analyzing financial data, evaluating transactions and processes, identifying discrepancies, record findings, evidence and supporting documentation for audit conclusions and preparing audit reports that include findings, conclusions and recommendations.accurate tax returns. We are dedicated in helping our clients fulfill their legal responsibilities while maximizing their personal wealth.


Process Improvement

In this ever-changing and ever-evolving world of technology and regulations, it is crucial to keepabreast with the changes and adopt processes and technology that helps organization improve its business efficiency and productivity. Our experts collaborate with your team and help you analyze in enhancing your organization’s financial operations, procedures and workflows to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness. Our goal is to streamline your financial processes, reduce waste, and optimize resource utilization. We identify financial processes that are inefficient, error-prone and not aligned with your organization’s goals. We map your existing process and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, set improvement goals and help you with process redesign streamlining steps, remove unnecessary handoffs and simplifying workflows and technology integration as appropriate.


Corporate Controllership

As your personal Corporate Controller, we will help you manage your organization’s financial activities ensuring accuracy, integrity, and transparency of the financial information. We will manage your financial reporting and prepare financial statements, accounting operations that would include your day-to-day accounting functions, internal controls to prevent frauds, errors, and mismanagement of financial resources, ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements, financial planning, risk management and mitigation plan, audits and process improvements. Your financial health and success is our success.

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