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Professional Accounting



Managing financial records and generating accurate reports.  Never worry about the missing financial record and stay in that Zen moment! We offer personalized bookkeeping and accounting services that aligns well with the needs of your business and allows you to offload the time-consuming task of managing financial records. Our firm places a strong emphasis on accuracy, reliability, and staying up-to-date with financial records. Our devotion in helping businesses maintain a clear and accurate picture of their financial health, which has enabled them in better decision-making and strategic planning have made us their most reliable financial partner for over 10 years in GTA and the surrounding. Our CPAs provide consistent and tailored financial services to contribute to the overall efficiency of our clients’ operations so that our clients can focus more on what they do best – running and growing their business.



Handling employee wages, taxes, and benefits. Are you looking for a dedicated payroll partner that provides comprehensive and client-oriented services? Payroll can be a complicated and overwhelming task and it’s the one that you cannot neglect. We offer affordable, flexible and customized payroll solutions to meet yourmonthly, bi-weekly or weekly payroll requirements. We offer reliable and accurate payroll services tailored to various business needs keeping in mind our clients’ budget. If you are looking for a valuable business partner in Toronto or other areas seeking streamlined and affordable payroll manager, your search ends here. We will take care of running your payroll and reports and you can focus on growing and developing your team.


Financial Statements

Overseeing and preparing accurate financial statements and reporting. Financial statements provide a snapshot of your organization’s current financial health and position. They summarize an entity’s financial position and results over a specific period of year. Accurate and trustworthy financial reporting is crucial for the stakeholders, whether
shareholders, creditors, potential investors, regulators or analysts as they all rely on financial statements to make informed decisions. Financial statements are used for versatile purposes, from gaining a comprehensive understanding about the business’s financial position through annual reports or to obtaining financing. Our firm is well-versed in preparing clear and concise financial reports be it Income Statement (Profit and Loss statement), Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position), Cash Flow Statement or Statement of Changes in Equity.


New Business Setup

Business registration, legal entity setup, enrolling for tax. Setting up a new business involves several crucial steps to establish a legal entity and lay the foundation for it’s operations. We have developed an excellent reputation taking care of our clients’ new business setup for wide variety of businesses. Whether you need assistance in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta or any other province, you can count on us for our professional services to prepare your new business setup documents and help you accomplish the registration process for your business and its taxes such as obtaining Employer Identification Number from the tax authorities if needed, setting up system for tracking expenses, income and taxes and determining accounting methods. We have a wealth of information, and we look forward to working with you.


System Implementation and Training

Processes aligned with regulations, cutting-edge tools and technological solutions. We offer a three-pronged approach for financial process design, planning and implementation to cover the key areas of your organization’s financial management. Your financial processes are crucial for your strategic business decisions and for the overall success of your business. We
help you streamline accounting processes by integrating it with the modern and efficient accounting systems and train your team to use these new systems effectively thus reducing their learning curves.


Financial Forecasting and Projection

Your business’s financial health, performance and growth potential. Based on your historical data, trends, and various information, we help you estimate future financial performance and outcomes. Our team of experts help you understand the future financial needs, opportunities and potential challenges that will help you guide in your business planning and resource allocation. With our financial forecasting and projection services, we have been helping businesses in enhancing their strategic planning and risk management by helping them identify their potential financial gaps, assisting them in setting realistic financial goals and performance targets. We help you in preparing Revenue Forecasting, Expense Forecasting, Cash Flow Projection, Profit and Loss Projection and Balance Sheet Projection. Apart from understanding the financial performance and outcomes for internal stakeholders, these forecasts and projections also help external stakeholders and assist you in obtaining finances.

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