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Expert Taxation


Expert Taxation

Our team of certified accountants with their specialized knowledge and skills will help you navigate complex laws and regulations effectively. We provide expert advice and services related to tax planning, compliance, and optimization including international taxation, estate and wealth tax planning, tax controversy and dispute resolution, business and investment structuring and research and analysis.


Corporate Taxes

We serve businesses of varying sizes and complexities. From simple to complex taxation services, we can take care of your corporate tax planning and preparation. We ensure that your corporate returns are complete and accurate so that your business is aligned with proper tax compliance and financial accuracy. Further, we focus on tax optimization so that you pay only as much tax as required and not overpaying taxes. We provide tailored advice to our clients based on our regular industry-specific research to keep them informed about their obligations or new opportunities for tax savings. Our tax experts assist our clients with tax compliance matters including late filings, voluntary disclosures, appealing tax statements, CRA audits, and filing notice of objection.


Personal Taxes

At MPCPA Professional Corporation, we practice client-centric approach and assist you in your tax management and filing your comprehensive tax returns. We provide a holistic approach to your tax services, aiming to streamline your tax management process and create complete and
accurate tax returns. We are dedicated in helping our clients fulfill their legal responsibilities while maximizing their personal wealth.



Business registration, legal entity setup, enrolling for taxBusinesses are required to keep accurate records of their transactions, sales, expenses, and tax calculations to support the information reported on their returns. Errors or omissions in the returns can lead to penalties or additional assessments. This is something you as a business owner want to avoid so that it saves you from unnecessary stress, extra expense and wastage of your time and resources. We help you file your Goods and Services Tax (GST), Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and Quebec Sales Tax (QST) returns reporting the total sales, the amount of tax collected, and the amount of tax paid on eligible expenses. Our clients have been engaging with our services and tax professionals for their accurate and timely filing either monthly, quarterly or annual basis of their GST/HST/QST returns depending on their business’s annual revenue.


Cross-border Taxes

If you work, have investments or operate businesses across international borders, then taxes can be complex due to varying tax systems, treaties and regulations of different countries. It is vital for any business owner, investor or individual to work with a financial professional they can trust and rely on for proactive and innovative advice. More than just trusted advisors, our experts bring their knowledge and perspective to every issue. We help you with international
taxation, avoiding double taxation, follow the regulation of permanent establishment, prevent profit-shifting, Cross-border VAT and GST, foreign tax credits and reporting.


Non-resident Taxes

Navigating non-resident taxes requires a clear understanding of the tax laws of the host country and potential tax treaties. If you are a Non-resident in Canada or Canadian operating business in international soil or planning to operate business, our team of experts can help you identify and fulfill your Non-resident taxation obligations such as withholding taxes, capital gains taxes,
rental income taxes and business profits taxes. We can also help you with the bi-lateral tax treaties fulfillment or its exemptions or reduced rates for non-residents to avoid double taxation on certain types of income. Non-residents may also have specific reporting obligations such as filing tax returns or disclosing foreign assets which our tax advisors can help you navigate.

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